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How Far Out Can I Made A Reservation?

The sooner you book the better! We welcome bookings at anytime for any date.

When Do I Have to Pay?

Deposits are due upon signing your contact. The balance is due the date of the trip.

Can I Change My Booking?

Yes, bookings can be moved to other dates as long as the date it available.

Can I Cancel My Charter Booking?

You may cancel your booking at least two weeks before your departure date to get a full refund.

What Form of Payment Do You Accept?

Checks and credit cards (excluding American Express)

Traveling on the Coach

Can I bring food and drink on the coach?

Yes, food and drink is allowed, but your group is responsible for cleaning the coach before your trip is complete. Any cleaning fees will be charged to the group if the standards are not met.

Can I Bring My Pet on Board?

Unfortunately we cannot allow any animals on the coaches due to allergies, but we do allow service dogs on any of your trips.

Does the Coach make stops?

Yes, drivers do make stops depending on the itinerary you submitted. They are flexible as long as it doesn’t add time to the trip. The driver will also need to take comfort stops/breaks required by law every couple of hours.

Day Trips

Can I cancel my day trip?

Yes, you can cancel your day trip booking. In order to receive a full refund you must cancel 14 days prior to the trip departure date if no tickets are involved. If tickets (show tickets, admission, etc.) are involved in the trip you must cancel 45 days prior to the trip departure in order to receive a full refund. 

Can I transfer my tickets?

Yes, you can transfer your tickets to another day trip of equal or lesser value. You can also give your tickets to another guests, but please let the office know before the trip departs on who will be taking your place.

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